Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What Do You Do at 2AM?

I am at work. I got to the hospital yesterday afternoon (Monday) and I will be here until Wednesday afternoon. Not too bad.

But what do I do at 2AM when our kiddos are sleeping? I crochet. More specifically, I make toys for the kiddos. We have a large pediatric unit, and kids tend to be here for a while. Unfortunately, many have been taken away from their families. So in my spare time, like at 2AM, I make them toys. Yeah, I take requests from the kiddos. They look through my notebook that has a bunch of patterns, and then they let me know what they want.

This is therapeutic for me as well. This job is tough. So when things slow down, I am always happy to do something that will put a smile on their little faces. At night, things really do slow down around here. And after I finish up my charts, I pick up a hook and some yarn.

Tonight/this morning, I have been working on a mermaid, lobster, and fish for one of the new little girls. I "sorta" used this pattern to make the toys. And when I say "sorta" I mean that I looked at it, made some changes, and made up my own design based on that pattern. I hope she likes it!


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